Hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday! We all stayed on point with our nutrition plans…..right??!!

Let’s keep this football theme rolling and tap into our inner Meat Heads.


Try to get to your class 5 min early today.  Give your 3 attempts some thought.  You will have 12 min on each lift to warmup and get your 3 attempts in.  The first attempt should be somewhat heavy, your second should be around your previous PR, your third should  be at or beyond your previous PR.

CF Football Total

Power Clean 1 Rep

Squat 1 Rep

Bench 1 Rep

Deadlift 1 Rep

*Perform a single max effort for the lifts lifted above.

*After warm-ups, 3 attempts are allowed.

*Total must be done in the specific order.

*Combine all 4 lifts to create CF Football Total.