Big Ger

Big Ger

So this is it SMCF , the last Friday Night Lights for the 2014 CrossFit Open season!   We are so proud of each and everyone of you who have stepped out of your comfort zone and challenged yourself beyond belief in these last 4 weeks.   Our family at SMCF is STRONG  and we are nothing without ALL of you.  We hope to keep this party rolling right into memorial day weekend at the 2014 Mid Atlantic Regionals with team SMCF.  Right now we are sitting in 25th place in the region….LETS FINISH STRONG!

Stand Tall or don’t Stand at All…Respect Is Earned

A.  Conditioning:

2 rounds for time
25 calorie row
25 Ohs 75/45


B. Strength:  snatch

Barski snatch
70%x3x5 sets
1 set = 3 consecutive squat snatchs from high hang position

C. Conditioning:

4 rounds For time:
5 wall climbs
10 power snatchs 95/65
15 plate sit ups 45/25

* plate sit up = 45#/25# plate starts behind the head and athletes reach and tap in front of toes with there plate