Here we go!  It’s the final Open WOD for 14.5.  Burpees and thrusters- no surprise there!

DJ Dynamite and 2J Photography will be in the house for our last Friday Night Lights.   If you are participating in Friday Night Lights, please be there as close to 6pm as possible.  You will be assigned a heat.  All athletes should expect to be ready to go by 6:30pm.  There is no time cap on this WOD, just a dog fight to finish!


Even if you do not plan on doing the WOD during Friday Night Lights, please on stopping by to cheer your fellow CFers on, have a few drinks, a few laughs, and stick around for the after party.  Word on the street is that there are QUITE a few birthdays that need to be celebrated!  Stay tuned to our facebook page for after party location!

For the ladies….


For time
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Thrusters, 95 / 65 lb.


This workout begins from the standing position with the barbell on the floor and the athlete standing tall. Using a ball, box or other object to check for proper depth is not allowed. Every second counts in this workout. Your score will the the time it takes to complete all 168 repetitions. There is no time cap for this workout.

This workout ends when the feet land on the other side of the bar on the final rep. Time will be recorded in full seconds. Do not round up. If you finish in 14:34.8, your score is 14:34.

For the….umm…nevermind