Remember, Mondy 4/1 only we are adding a 9am group class to our normal schedule for all you lucky SMCFers with your day off!!!!

We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and took advantage of the warm weather.  We’re going to hit the week hard and get our pump on!!


SuperSets of

Precher Curls

Lat Pull Downs


Single Arm DB Row

Concentration Curls


45 mins on the Elliptical

Cash Out:

3 sets of calf raises w DB

* We had new wall mount mirror installed. Be sure to take time to check yourself out in between sets.

** Trainer Tips of the day: spend as much time before and after your workout catching up on gym gossip at the new juice bar!!

Precher Curl concentration-curls

dumbellrow Lat Pulldown

Wink Face