Exhausted after some serious tire flips

Exhausted after some serious tire flips

Remember to mark your calendars for the first ever SMCF in house partner competition (Male /Male & Female/Female) on Saturday May 17th.  There will be two divisions Scaled and RX and everything will kick off at 8am and we will hav a BBQ after.  This will be a fun competition with 4 events and a final workout for the top teams.   Lets start this spring and summer off right!


Front Squat

1×9 @ 55%

1×7 @ 65%

3×5 @ 75%

Conditioning: (Compliments of Coach Joel)


KB SDHP (sumo deadlift high pull) 70/55

KB Swings 70/55

* 2 wall climbs every time you drop the kb during the workout (both movements)
* perform the wall climbs after the set of 15
* clock stops after you finish the set of 15 or after you complete your wall climb penalty.