Ok SMCFers, dust off that Goal Binder that’s been hiding above the Kill Cliff fridge!

It’s been 3 months since most of you set your 6 month goals, and it’s time for a check in.  How are YOU progressing?  Are you getting closer to your 6 month goals?  Do you need to change or adjust them?

Remember, we’ll be awarding prizes to those who complete their goals, including SMCF swag, free memberships, a truck load of KILL CLIFF, and many more.  If you have not set goals yet, or are new to the gym, you can still set 3 month goals.  The challenge goes until April, so dig in!  Goal sheets are out in the lobby by the I-pad check in.


Here are the details and the rules:

1.  You must understand the purpose of the challenge and take responsibility for either working hard at it or not.  The purpose:  to set a goal and commit to an action plan executed on a regualr basis to help achieve a desired goal that is important to you and to positively reinforce your motivation for success through consistency and good work ethic.  A trainer can give you all the tips in the world for a muscle up, but if you don’t put in the time and dedication on your end, you’re not going to get there.  Take ownership of your goals and your ambitions.  We can give you the tools and the tricks of the trade, but we can’t provide you with the fight that comes from within yourself to work hard.

2.  Goal sheets are available at the gym in the large binder.  We advise you to complete the goal worksheet and take some time thinking through your intentions before scribbling down some goals that sound good.  When your worksheet and goal sheet are each completed, turn them into a trainer.  The draft of your goals is due to a trainer no later than Saturday, October 5th. If you hand in your goals late, it is still acceptable, but you will have less time to work on them.

3.  The 6 Month Challenge officially kicks off on Monday, October 7th.  This means that 6 months from that day, in April, the challenge will conclude and we will announce our raffle drawing winners!  Previous prizes included monthly memberships, SMCF swag, About Time, & Kill Cliff.  If we said an entire case of Kill Cliff was on the list for April, would we get some fierce competition out there?!?

4.  All goal sheets will be kept in the binder on top of the Kill Cliff fridge.  Goal sheets will be alphabatized according to FIRST name.  Once you complete a goal, A TRAINER MUST INITIAL & DATE YOUR GOAL SHEET IN THE BINDER.  If you do not have a trainer initial it, then it doesn’t count.  It’s the only way for us to track your progress fairly.  If you video yourself completing one of you goals, that can count!  But again, be sure to show it to a trainer and have them sign the binder.

5.  For every goal you complete (a max. of 3), your name will be entered into a raffle drawing for various prizes at the conclusion of the program.  If you complete all 3 of your goals, your name will be entered in the Grand Prize Raffle which includes a free membership, SMCF swag, a free back rub from Fox, and more!