“For Time:
With a partner –

20 Rounds of:
(*20 total, 10 each, alternate each round)

7Lateral Burpees over the Bar
7 Power Cleans (95/63)
7 Push Press (95/63)

& 7,000M Row

Partner 1 starts on the AMRAP, Partner 2 starts on the rower. Partners switch after each completed
round of the 7-7-7. Once Partner 1 finishes the 7th Push Press, they go to rower and Partner 2 starts
round 2 of the 7-7-7. Always one person on barbell/burpees, and one person on rower. Workout is
finished when 20 rounds of the 7-7-7 are complete, and 7,000M is acheived. If the 7-7-7 goes faster,
switch as needed at the end to complete the 7,000M row. “