Deadlift (Wendler Week 3)


10 rounds for time

5 Chest to bar pullups

5 hang cleans 155/95

5 push jerk 155/95

*** Everytime you drop the bar during the hang clean or the push jerk you owe a 100 meter row at the end of the class.


1.  CF games start this Thursday and can be streamed live on ESPN3.   If anyone is interested in joining us Friday night 7/26 at SMCF we will be watching it LIVE.  Grab a few beers and bring some tasty treats!

2.   South Mountain CrossFit will be hosting an Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics Seminar with Olympic athletes Chad Vaughn and David Durante on Saturday August 24th and Sunday August 25th. 

This seminar is only accepting 20 participants and we will be making the link live to the public on Wednesday July 31st.  After that date we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a spot for the seminar.

Below is the webpage with information on the seminar and also the link to sign up, please use the code SMCF when you sign up for the discount.  We will also be signing people up at the gym, please just grab Kurt, Kacie or Brad to sign up.