Are you bummin’ because you missed a WOD this week?  Maybe you realized you haven’t worked on your front squat in a month.  Whatever the reason, remember that Open Gym is every Sunday from 10-12pm.  Still a few more days to work on those 3 month goals!

If you haven’t registered for “Rally in the Valley” yet, be sure to claim your spot.  They are filling up quickly!

Check out Alex after completing the 50 mile Viaduct Trail Ultramarathon!


Alex said the race “parallels an old railroad line….you see remnants of bridges and railroad spikes throughout the course).  There were also 100 and 150 mile options for the real crazies.  I’ve attached a pic taken right after I walked up to the registration table, to complete my race, and was given my “Finisher” railroad spike (what I’m holding)…so forgive the goofy/out-of-it look!!….it’d been a long run and walk!!  Just in time too…5 minutes later a torrential storm hit!”  WAY TO GO, ALEX!!  Truly inspirational to us all!