Great Job on a tough one gang, 72 burpees are no joke!

Couple SMCF announcements:

~Remember to send our college crew off with lots of love and your best college advice.. CF and extracurricular advice of course, they have their parents for the other BS!!  We’re going to miss having you all on the daily but we look forward to having you all back come weekends and holidays!!!  I warn  you all to stay on your game while you’re away bc we’re only going to be getting better here at SMCF!

~All weekend classes will be cancelled as we are hosting the Gymnastic and Oly lifting seminar both Sat and Sun.  There are a few spots left if you’re feeling froggy, leap.

Here is the link to sign up

~If you will be joining us for the seminar please remember to pack a lunch for Sat and Sun.


Coop getting it done at SuperFit!


Power Clean

Conditioning: For Time

10 Power Cleans 135/95

50 Dus

50 Situps

8 Power Cleans

40 DUs

40 Situps

6 Power Cleans

30 DUs

30 Situps

4 Power Cleans

20 DUs

20 Situps

2 Power Cleans

10 DUs

10 Situps