Congrats to Erin Mahmood, Dominic Montoya, Eric Covell, and Eric Shotzenbeers 🙂 for completing and documenting all of their 3 month goals!  They have one a free 1 month unlimited membership and their choice of SMCF swag. 

The following athletes’ names were drawn for additional raffle prizes:

50% off of 1 month unlimited membership:  Christa Tam & Tim Carrigan

SMCF t-shirt or tank top:  Dan Maha & Steve Parrish

SMCF bag:  Morgan Allen

$5 worth of About Time, Kill Cliff, or Nick’s Stix:  Lynne Iaccarino & Amanda Yurchack

Congrats to everyone who completed at least 1 goal this summer!  The next challenge will be a 6 month goal challenge.  Stay tuned for more details to come!

Brielle sending us some sweet sweet pistol love from Sicily!

Brielle sending us some sweet sweet pistol love from Sicily!


Strength:  Clean…..the bathrooms…..just kidding….



200m run

10 KBS 55/35

50 air squats

200m run

20 KBS

40 air squats

200m run

30 KBS

30 air squats

200m run

40 KBS

20 air squats

200m run

50 KBS

10 air squats


IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR THIS SATURDAY:  SMCF will be running the 9/11 Tribute WOD during this Saturday’s classes to honor all the heroes that paid the ultimate sacrifice 12 years ago so others could live.  Please come out for this WOD to feel some sweat, tears, and some temporary pain in memory of the tragedy that occurred on 9/11.