Cara on HSPU

Cara on HSPU


Strength:  Bench Press



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*29 Reverse back rack  lunges (In honor of Jose’s 29th birthday…remember to thank him when you see him!)

then complete 7 rounds for time

100m OH Carry  135/95

1 rope climb – 15 ft


Cash Out:   3  rounds of 30 secs. on/30 secs. off to accumulate max. calories on the air dyne


IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR THIS SATURDAY:  SMCF will be running the 9/11 Tribute WOD during this Saturday’s classes to honor all the heroes that paid the ultimate sacrifice 12 years ago so others could live.  Please come out for this WOD to feel some sweat, tears, and some temporary pain in memory of the tragedy that occurred on 9/11.  Oly with Jake is @ 8am and Group Classes are at 7am, 9am, & 10am.