Coach Courtney (C$) with a beautiful OHS!

Coach Courtney (C$) with a beautiful OHS!

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Fight Gone Bad style!  Athletes will spend 1 minute at each station to accumulate max. reps.  Complete 3 rounds with 1 minute rest in between rounds.




Shuttle Sprints

Jumping Lunges


The following are some excellent words of wisdom about endurance training for CrossFitters from Coach Chris of NorCal CrossFit (2008 CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa’s box):

CrossFit athletes typically have solid run performances up to 2 minutes.  However, inefficiencies within their aerobic energy system begin restricting their performance as they extend their endurance curve.

Their primary limiting factor is the ability to move and utilize oxygen.  Although speed is still critical to success, nothing is more important than the ability to absorb oxygen.  Our goal is to maximize your oxygen absorption by creating a more robust and efficient aerobic system.

The Formula:  CrossFit athletes must create physiological balance in their programming in order to maximize overall athletic performance.

  1. CrossFit remains the source for high intensity.
  2. Aerobic capacity training provides the balance.

The success of aerobic capacity training is dependent on your workout intensity. All endurance workouts have prescribed pace ranges for every interval.  These personalized pace ranges are based on the workout distance, the interval distance and your individual PR times.  This is how intensity is controlled, internal pace setting learned, and performance gains are measured.


10:30am Endurance WOD

4 x 800m run (rest the time it takes you to complete each run)

rest 5 minutes, then

1x 400m run (max. effort)


SAVE THE DATE- September 28th!!

 South Mountain CrossFit and CrossFit APEX are going to be running group classes at 9am and 10am on September 28th for SMCF and APEX members at the Schuylkill Valley Sports in Quakertown.  There will also be an 11am FREE intro to CrossFit class for those who would like to try CrossFit. This is a great way to meet and work out with some other awesome CrossFitters from another great box in the area and to introduce some of your friends to the Sport of Fitness.  The group WODs will be done as team workouts, so we are requesting that everyone sign up for a time slot beforehand.  Sign-up sheets are posted in the lobby area. SMCF will not be holding any other classes on the 28th, so come on down to Quakertown!