Dear SMCF athlete,

The 3 of us would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for hiking up your pants, putting your game faces on, and signing up for the 2014 CrossFit Open.  And now, it’s over!  Five weeks of anxiety, excitement, nerves, and probably a little bit of cursing Dave Castro’s name is no more.  South Mountain CrossFit had over 100 people register for the Open.  Let’s say that again:  over 100 people took the plunge and signed themselves up for a rollercoaster ride of thrusters, wall balls, snatches, pull-ups, and of course the dreaded burpee. 

Are you happy the Open is finished?  We’d be willing to be that your family and friends are also glad it’s over and that now you can finally hold normal conversations again, you won’t be refreshing the leaderboard on your phone every 30 seconds, and that you won’t spend 4 days of the week strategizing how you’ll squeeze out a few more reps to move you up 20 spots while you spend the other 3 days in agony wondering what Castro was going to announce.  So now, let’s all take some time to exhale, recover, and reflect.

We witnessed some incredible feats of athleticism over the past five weeks.  Athletes who have never done a workout with toes to bar did 50 or left it all out on the floor trying their hardest.  People who had a thruster PR of only 5 lbs. more than what was prescribed for the last WOD completed all 84 reps.  Some got their first chest to bar pull-ups, and others did their first WOD with double-unders.  Sometimes you felt good about your score and sometimes you may have wanted to punch the whiteboard (and thank you, everyone, for not punching anything).  Regardless, most of you pleasantly surprised yourself with what you could accomplish when you had to dig deep.

In our mission statement it states, “At SMCF our members become athletes, our community becomes family…”  We witnessed that first hand during the Open.  We saw more heart, dedication, and comradery at the gym than we have ever seen before (and that says a lot because we strongly feel all of our members are supportive all the time).  Watching you judge each other and cheer one another on filled us with pride.  It shows that you not only care about yourself, but you care about your fellow athletes, you care about your gym, and you care about your community.  That right thur, is respect.  That right thur, is CrossFit.

Looking ahead:  Take some time to think about what parts of the workouts gave you the most problems mentally and physically.  Those areas should be attacked with consistent work.  Here’s a perfect opportunity to turn your goats into strengths, but it will ONLY happen with WORK on a REGULAR basis.  If you have questions about what appropriate goals are for you, or you want help creating a plan, please have a discussion with a trainer.  We want nothing more in the world than for each of you to reach the goals you set for yourself.

For everyone:  When people are in the midst of struggling physically, many end up breaking down mentally.  That’s not true at South Mountain on any given day.  SMCFers, whether your completed the Open this year or not, we consider you all to be lions.  When the going gets tough, you get tougher, and it’s truly inspiring for us to watch.  Scores and times aren’t everything in CrossFit.  Heart and dedication are.  Thank you for working so hard and thank you for helping our community become stronger and closer. 

We don’t know about you, but we sure are enjoying this crazy ride with you all. 


Looking forward to more rollercoasters in the future, 

Brad, Kurt, & Kacie