Front Squat (wendler week 1) – remember this is off of your 90%
Conditioning: “Nancy”  retest – last completed at SMCF on 12/13/12 (see below)
5 rounds for time

400 meter run

15 ohs 95/65


6/28 Results

Results from 12/13/12


  • New Schedule changes starting Monday July 1st:
                       M/W/F – Addition of 7am group class
                       T/Th – 12pm NOON class
                       M/T/W/TH – Classes will now be run on the hour.  ( 4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm)
                       F – We will no longer having Open Gym on Friday night instead we are opening up a 6PM class                                     (4pm/5pm/6pm)
                       All The other classes on the current schedule will not be changing (6am/9am)
  • Thursday July 4th we will only be having two group classes 9am and 10am.  SMCF will be running all regularly scheduled classes on Friday July 5th but will be closed on Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th.
  • Make sure to get your orders in for SMCF shorts.  We have samples at the gym
  • Mark your calendars for August 24th and 25th for the Olympic lifting/gymnastics seminar that is being run by Chad Vaughn and David Durante (two former Olympians).  Don’t miss out on this special event!