The 2013 CrossFit Open will be coming to an end this weekend.  We are so incredibly proud of every SMCF athlete (and those who chose to join us for the Open) who participated in this epic event!  It’s a humbling experience, and not always easy to face your fears and weaknesses each week.  Watching our athletes cheer each other on and support one another during times of struggle or celebrating after a PR has been incredible.  It’s truly what CrossFit is all about!

1 More workout to go!

There will be a slight change in our schedule this Saturday:

8am Group WOD (not the Open workout)

9:30am Kid’s Class

11:00am  Open WOD

To celebrate the ending off the Open, and to bring the SMCF community together, we will be holding a BBQ this Saturday after the Open workout.  There is a sign up sheet at the gym to bring food and beverages.. We’ll be hanging out all afternoon, so regardless of whether or not you’ve competed in the Open, please stop by!!  Feel free to bring your lawn chairs, kiddy pools, and wear your sweet SMCF 2013 80s tanks!