Next Monday, January 28th, SMCF will be kicking off our Nutrition Challenge.  There are 3 different levels of the challenge, and participants can choose which type of challenge they would like to do.  More information will be at the gym this week. 

If you’re thinking about blowing this one off, we strongly encourage you to reconsider.  Why?  Well, CrossFit S. Arlington sums it up rather nicely:

“You can’t outrain your diet.

We believe nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program, and the gateway to good health. Without question, the single greatest variable facing your body composition and fitness goals is your nutrition. So we would be remiss if we didn’t provide you both some education and means by which to optimize your nutrition. We do this by offering up a Nutrition Challenge of sorts. You already come to CrossFit and bust your ass on a weekly basis. But what you do in the gym is but a small part of the picture. It’s what you do on the outside of the gym – the other 23+ hours a day- that will make the biggest difference.

You have the capacity to undermine all of the potential benefits of your exercise program- CrossFit or otherwise, by making poor food choices. On the other hand, if you combine hard work both in and out of the gym, your will increase your rate of improvement exponentially.

For those that are willing to commit and make the sacrifice, we are willing to provide the education, support and if need be, cooking lessons, to support your efforts.

The Goals:

1) Change the way you think, feel and treat food.
2) Increase energy levels / improve athletic performance
3) Improve recovery from workings / nagging injuries
4) Look better nekid”


Check out the resources listed under the “Nutrition” tab here on our site.  Do some research.  Ask some questions.  Start thinking about what you might want to change, or try to change.  Start cleaning out your fridges, freezers, and cabinets.  Game on in 1 week!