Open Gym starts this Sunday 10am-12pm.  In order to participate in Open Gym at SMCF, the following rules and regulations MUST be upheld, no questions asked!

You must come with a plan.  At least 1 trainer will be present to oversee the gym, but you are ultimately responsible to know what WOD, skill, and/or strength you plan on doing that day.
Be timely and check in.  All of your work needs to be completed by the end of the designated time frame.  No “buts” about it!  You must also check in at the start of the class and sign a contract stating that you understand the rules of the class and that you will follow them accordingly.  Open Gym counts as a class for punch cards and 2x per week memberships.
Do not try anything you have not done before.  Open Gym is NOT a time to experiment with movements you have not completed in a group setting, or skills you are not comfortable with.  If you have never snatched before, Open Gym is not the time to attempt it.  Your safety and the safety of others is our #1 priority.
No maximal lifts.  Strength work is strongly encouraged, but no maximal lifts will be allowed during Open Gym.  If you have a question about rep. schemes or percentages, please contact a trainer ahead of time.  The “Wendler Cycle” is an excellent source for strength programs.
Don’t be an equipment hog.  The jerk boxes are awesome, but it’s not fair to spend 30 minutes using them without allowing others to jump in.  Share equipment with others and return everything back to where you got it from.
“Respect is earned,” and can easily be lost.  Don’t lose the respect of your trainers or fellow members by leaving your equipment out, not cleaning up your blood, sweat, and any other bodily fluids that have come from you.

Open Gym privileges may be revoked at the discretion of our trainers if we feel that any of the above guidelines or general gym rules are abused.



Saturday @ 8am is Jake’s Olympic Lifting class.  Dress to impress!


Sunday @ ~12pm Tony will be discussing the “Standard Process Purification Program.”  If you would like more information on this program, please attend this short presentation on Sunday.  SMCF athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the purification system as a part of the SMCF Nutrition Challenge (starting Jan. 21st….hold your horses….more information will be posted soon…..)  However, the purification program is not a requirement,just an option.  The following is the website and program information:  If you want to learn more about the program, please attend the presentation on Sunday.  

SMCF will be holding another meeting at a later date to discuss options, levels, and specifics about the SMCF nutrition challenge.