Tonight at 8pm they are announcing CrossFit Open Wod 13.5 live from Santa Cruz California.  From the sounds of it this workout could be one of the most unique workouts in the history of the Open.

  If you get a moment check out our facebook page or to listen to Dave Castro (the director of the CrossFit games) discuss Open workout 13.5.

We hope to have another awesome turnout at the box tonight to watch this all unfold live.  You really couldn’t ask for two better matchups Rich Froning Jr. (2011 & 2012 games champ) vs. Jason Khalipa (2008 games champ) and Samantha Briggs vs. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.


 ***Our hope was to have this up on our New TV in the lobby but we need some help from our         technologically advanced members.  We have an HDMI cable but at this point we dont have a labtop with an HDMI input.  Would someone be willing to bring theirs over and try to hook it all up to aid our viewing enjoyment?  Please post to comments or shoot us an email if this would be possible.   Hope to see everyone tonight at 8pm***