Say hello to Sarah Daugherty!  Sarah will be interning with us here at South Mountain CrossFit this semester, so be sure to say hello and introduce yourself.  She’s here to get you coffee, take out the trash, give you back rubs, anything you may need!

(Just kidding)


Here’s a little more about Sarah:

1.  Where do you attend and school and what is your major?  I attend Penn State University for my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. I will be graduating in May 2014.

2.  Why did you choose South Mountain CrossFit for your internship?  I was actually recommended by a friend and after my first encounter with the facility and the members, I found out that SMCF has a tight bond, family-like atmosphere. The trainers come from various backgrounds and all have different things to share. Also, everyone wants to see you do better, which is a personal motivation for myself.

3.  What do you like the most about CrossFit?  I enjoy CrossFit for it’s various workouts. I’m not always doing the same monotonous exercise every day like I used to at a typical gym. I also enjoy being challenged, because usually these WODs have me thinking that the finish is impossible, then I actually do it and that’s the best feeling.

4.  What do you like the least about CrossFit?  As with anything new, there is always fear of the unknown. For example, I initially had no idea how much weight I could handle the first time I had to do certain lifts. However, I am learning this as I go.

5.  What’s your favorite hobby?  My favorite hobbies include riding my mountain bike, hiking, and anything that has to do with being active outside.

6.  What’s one unique fact about yourself?  I have a firefighter I certification through the state of Pennsylvania and have been active with my local fire companies since 2004.

7.  What would you like to do in the future with your career?  After graduation, I plan to obtain my certification in strength and conditioning through NSCA, and continue to work in health and fitness.

8.  What is something you would like to do with your life personally in the future?  I am just trying to be a sponge to everything I could possibly learn in this huge field, to better myself and the people I influence.