What an awesome night last night watching three of our athletes take on workout 13.4 and from what I here the 6am went H.A.M as well!

H.A.M  = Hard As A Mothaf#$%A

Or as the Rowdy Panda told me this morning post 13.4. 

“Just ATTACK the bar.  The longer you take on the jerks the worse it will be.”  Great advice RP.


We as coaches have been so proud of all our athletes who have braved the Open and hope to get those who are on the sidelines ready to step in next year to take it on with us.  I dodnt know about you but I dont want the season to end. 

With that being said below is link and a flyer  to a really cool competition that is starting in April in New Jersey.  They have both RX and Scaled divisions to compete in.  I spoke with the people running this even yesterday and it really seems like they are putting together a high quality event.  Please check out the site they created for any details and read about the qualifiers and the final that will be hosted in June.   As of now we were thinking about trying to get a large crew to go to the qualifier in Morristown, NJ on May 11th.  This one is the closest to our area and from speaking with the owners it seems to be at the largest venue a National Guard Armory that is 35,000 square feet.  If you cant attend this one please feel free to go to any of the others but make sure you bring along a friend from SMCF.

We will have a sign up sheet at the box for the qualifiers, please seign up at the latest by next Friday 4/5.

Stay tuned for a lot more  awesome events this summer!


SuperFit Championships Flyer 3-26

superfit flyer