I hope everyone is excited to tackle Open Wod 13.2!  This is pretty much a sprint and is as classic CrossFit as they come.  After watching the the live action both on the games site and then followed by Kacie and Fox taking it on, here are my thoughts.

* Dont put down the bar, it is relatively light weight and every rep on the bar movements will count.

* Stay close to the box and rest on top if you need to.  Lets be honest this workout is all about the box jumps.

* Get in a very good warmup…make sure to break a sweat!  Stretch out your lower back, hips, shoulders, calves and ankles really well.  Dont pick up a barbell untill you have done some type of mobility in these areas.

* Remember this is considered a sprint in the world of crossFit and your transitions will be very important.  Get back to the bar or box, take a deep breath and GO.

* Have FUN with all of this.  Lets amp up the Energy and knock the socks off this wod!


Please post to comments any suggestions or any interesting thoughts about open wod 13.2


Why so serious Foxy?

13.2 photo

Kacie 9 rounds + 20 reps / Fox 7 rounds + 16