Meet the Trainers

Our trainers at South Mountain CrossFit come directly from our member base, so they have a thorough understanding of our community, culture, and mission. They are educated, motivated, and supportive, and each have their own unique training styles.  Most importantly, our training staff  is commited to improving the lives of the people within our community by operating a facility that offers high quality training and education to our participants.  The motives for our trainers are to provide a safe and fun environment for all members to work out in.

They will help you determine, achieve, and even surpass your health and fitness goals.  Whether you are an experienced athlete or someone who is new to exercise, our staff will be able to provide the appropriate guidance and motivation to get you started on the road to a new way of training, and a new way of living.





Physical activity has always played a major role in Kurt’s life.  His father taught him early on that it’s important to be a well-rounded athlete and that every sport deserves a shared amount of respect.  He was involved in a variety of athletics growing up and played soccer and lacrosse in college.  After he graduated, he continued to play club sports to fuel his drive to compete.  About 3 years ago, after tearing his ACL, a friend encouraged him to try some CrossFit workouts.  Although he had never set foot in a box, he signed up to compete in the 2010 sectional competition.  To put it nicely, it was a humbling and eye-opening experience for him.  The following week he signed up at a local affiliate and never looked back.  Kurt currently has his CF-L1 certification and CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification.  Aside from CrossFit, Kurt loves snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking.




Kacie lived most of her childhood as a ballet dancer.  Although she dabbled in sports here and there, dance consumed the majority of her life.  When she got to college she realized she wasn’t going to be a professional dancer, so she dove head first into the local gym and started teaching group exercise classes.   She graduated with a degree in kinesiology and has worked in corporate, collegiate, and commercial fitness settings.  She was introduced to CrossFit by Kurt, and fell in love with the intensity and constant variations.  Kacie currently works as a Wellness Coach and educates employees within the local community about the importance of maintaining healthy behaviors to live a longer, more fulfilling life.  Kacie finds the sport of CrossFit to be a constant challenge but also a way to empower others, especially those who have never particularly excelled in athletics.  Amongst various group exercise certifications including pilates, spinning, and yoga, Kacie has her CF-L1 certification.






courtCourtney grew up playing many different sports. In high school she decided to concentrate on swimming. Swimming helped her discover a love for teaching and coaching. In summers, she taught swim lessons and coached the 8 & under swimmers at her local pool. In college, she switched gears and became a runner. Several years after college in March of 2011 she found Crossfit and has been hooked ever since. In October of 2012 she became Level 1 certified and in June 2013 she became Crossfit Kids certified. Courtney loves Crossfit because she is able to both teach and learn on a daily basis. Courtney is currently employed in Bethlehem Area School District as a kindergarden teacher.  Court also leads SMCF’s CrossFit Kids program and runs swim WODs during the summer.
“The best part about Crossfit is the awesome workout and great friendships I have made over the years.”



domDominic doesn’t say no when it comes to a challenge. There’s never been a time when he tells himself that he can’t do something. He constantly challenges himself – pushing himself to go above and beyond even his own expectations. With a passion for the outdoors stemming from his roots in Colorado, Dom has never passed up a chance to be active – playing soccer, basketball, baseball, going snowboarding, swimming, golfing, biking, you name it. When he lived in Texas, he found camaraderie in his high school football team, going all the way to the state championship. Here he developed a close group of friends who were always motivating each other to be stronger, faster, and better – holding each other accountable for being fit and healthy while always having a good time. In Pennsylvania, Dom found Crossfit, and through this he has found a new purpose in life while challenging himself and others to reach their full potential. His dedication to being the best that he can be and helping others reach their full potential continues to be his goal.


petePeter has always been involved with sports since a young age. He fell in love with wrestling at a young age and continued through college at Shippensburg University. At Shippensburg he completed his degree in exercise science furthering his scientific knowledge basis of sports, activity and the health benefits of exercise. After loosing interesting in strict weightlifting after college, Peter found Crossfit from a close friend. He was not able to sit down for two days after his first workout and was instantly hooked. Peter loves the community, competitiveness and more than anything, loves to see his peers succeed, whether it be a new person record on a workout, a lift or to shed some pounds. You can always find him yelling words of encouragement or bringing a positive energetic attitude to training sessions. In his free time you can find him working out, volunteering with the local fire company, ambulance, spending time outdoors, or having a cold one with good friends. He works full time as a nurse.



Scott has always been actively involved in sports from a young age.  Scott wrestled and played soccer throughout his youth and high school careers and went on to play soccer at the collegiate level.  Scott has been an avid weight lifter for many years, mainly power lifting at your local LA Fitness, until 2011 when he was invited by his friend John to come watch a CrossFit competition taking place in Allentown.  Shortly after witnessing the excitement of the competition Scott began CrossFit and has continued to train and compete ever since.  Scott is a high school teacher in the Lehigh Valley and enjoys heading to the beach, being out on the water boating, going to sporting events, and having a good time with friends. Scott has a true passion for helping other people succeed either in the classroom or at the box which fuels his drive to be a dedicated coach and trainer for others.  Scott also coaches at CrossFit LBC and he holds his CF-L1 certification, CF-L2 certification, CrossFit Olympic Lifting certification, CrossFit Movement and Mobility certification, and CrossFit Strongman certification.





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 Coach Eric has always been active.  Growing up, he focused on soccer and ice hockey.  Besides CrossFit, he enjoys mud runs and obstacle races.  Eric was drawn to CrossFit by the variety of movements and intensity of the workouts.  The community of athletes, particularly at SMCF, keeps him motivated to come back for more.  As SMCF’s resident MS Excel “geek,” coach Eric likes the way the clock and whiteboard are used to quantify performance improvements. He loves helping athletes to learn new skills and hit PRs.  Eric currently holds the CrossFit L1 Trainer and CrossFit Endurance Trainer certificates.



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Krystal started gymnastics and dance at a very young age. After being competitive in the sport of gymnastics, she realized dance was her true passion. She decided to follow the footsteps of her dance teacher and received her BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University in the spring of 2013. Even though Krystal spent many hours in the studio, she always found herself in the gym at the end of the day. After performing in several professional dance roles she realized it wasn’t the lifestyle for her. She moved back to Allentown to pursue her current career as a dance teacher. A friend suggested she try CrossFit, where she found herself at south mountain. Right away she was hooked. Krystal loves being able to incorporate her dance background into CrossFit an vice versa with her dance classes. Krystal loves that CrossFit has given her so much more than physical strength. She hopes to instill that same feeling in her students and anyone that walks into the gym.


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I have always been an active individual. Growing up I tried my hand at many different sports but fell in love with soccer very early on. I played 4 years of college soccer at Stevenson University (where my nickname Continbro was born) before graduating and moving to Pennsylvania with my family. I grew up in New Jersey and my school was in Maryland so the adjustment to another new home here was difficult and it took a toll on my fitness and weight. It wasn’t long before I knew I had to make a change and that was when I found CrossFit. I immediately drank the koolaid (and continue to) and never looked back. I’ve been crossfitting for two years and it has changed my life completely. My favorite part about this sport is the amazing community and being able to see not only myself but all the other athletes around me reach goals that they never thought were possible, and to be even just a small part of that process is enough to keep me coming back every day.




“Since early childhood, I’ve been active in unconventional sports. Gymnastics, cross-country running and skateboarding ate up my school years, as I enjoyed seeing what I could push my body to do on an individual level. After high school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an infantryman and learned to develop my athletic capabilities in a team setting. While serving, I incorporated a program of weight training into my life to help adapt to the requirements of my work, and fell in love with lifting heavy things. I found Crossfit by accident, in 2011, when I found myself getting bored with the traditional gym experience. Since then, I’ve never looked back. After doing Crossfit solo, at home, for a year, I wandered into South Mountain and made it a huge part of my life for the last several years. I earned my Crossfit Level 1 certificate in April of 2015 and have been coaching since. In August of 2015, I left behind careers in veterinary medicine and microbiology to pursue a full time career in personal training and I’ve never been happier. As a trainer, my top focus is on individual progress, at any level, and literally nothing makes me happier than helping someone accomplish something they previously considered impossible.”



One summer, on the beach, Earl’s wife took a photo of him and his youngest daughter. Unhappy with what he saw, he decided to make a change to morph into the former college athlete he was. Initially, he started running and revamping his diet, becoming a vegetarian; but, the exercise component wasn’t enough, lacking the intensity he needed. Enter CrossFit. Enter weightlifting.  Now fast forward a few years and Earl has lost 50 lbs., grown physically stronger, and transformed himself mentally as much as physically. Since that time he has acquired his CF-L1, USAW Sports Performance, and will attend the CF-L2 in June of ’16.  Besides being a dad to three kick-ass kids and a Burmese mountain pup, a husband to an angel incarnate,  and a musician in four bands, Earl manages to find a home away from home at South Mountain CrossFit daily.


Brad grew up playing numerous sports as a child but focused primarily on his soccer game throughout high school.  In college he fell in love with lacrosse and played two years at Bloomsburg University.  He was also an avid snowboarder and worked his way up in rankings through local competitions.  During college, he took his snowboarding to the next level and placed in national competitions across the country.  He also coached a snowboard team for two years that included many athletes that went on to also compete nationally.  Brad has completed the CF-L1 trainer’s course and looks forward to obtaining more certifications in the future. He truly loves training and watching his athletes progress over time.  Brad relentlessly seeks more material to educate himself to become a better trainer and a better athlete.


Bio coming soon…..


Bio coming soon…..