Tomorrow we are starting another Wendler cycle with the following movements (Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press, Bench Press).  We will be doing this for roughly four weeks then we will have a deload week and then we will be doing another Wendler to end out the summer.  Its time to get nice and STRONG.  Below are some great points about the Wendler and things we will be focusing on.

The keys to making it work:

• Start with a realistic idea of your one-rep max, and follow Wendler’s instructions to base all training weights on 90% of that max. You can make it really easy on yourself by spending a couple of workouts working up to a four-rep-max set of each of the four core lifts. Your 4RM should be about 90% of your 1RM. Once you have that 4RM, you can skip a step in your calculations and just use it for all your subsequent percentages.

• The final set of your core lift in each workout is the one that produces mass and strength, so give it everything you have, and get as many reps as you can with that weight. (The exceptions are the deloading workouts in Week 4. You’re giving your muscles a break, not trying to establish new PRs.)

• When you start a new four-week cycle, add five pounds to your 1RMs for bench and shoulder presses and 10 pounds for squats and deadlifts, and recalculate training weights using the new numbers.

• If you want to see the results of 5/3/1, you have to do the program as written. As soon as you start customizing it, it’s no longer 5/3/1. You might like your own version of it better than Wendler’s original, but you can’t attribute your success or failure to the guy who wrote the program unless you’re actually doing the program as he wrote it.


How to Build Pure Strength


Back Squat (at 90% of your 1 rep max complete the following)

5 reps @ 65%

5 reps @ 75%

5+ reps @ 85% (goal is to get 5 but if you can push for more)

10 reps @ 50% of your 1 rep max

Aux work:

Weighted Lunges 5 sets of 10 steps (weight held at chest level in front)

*These are to be completed in between you sets

20 Bear Complexes for Time  135/95
*EMOM starting at 0:00 4 burpess until you finish your 20 Bear complexes