Bench Press (Wendler Week 1) – remember this is off of your 90%
Infinity “Jackie” (Time Cap Men8:00, Women 10:00)
1000 meter row
50 thrusters 45#
30 pullups

If you complete “Jackie”  under 8:00  (Mens time) or 10:00  (Womens time) you move onto the next round of “Jackie”.  If you complete the second round of “Jackie” under 16 minutes or under 20 minutes you move onto you next round of “Jackie”.

Even if you don’t finish the first set under the time cap finish out the workout.


*** We are putting in an order for SMCF shorts.  Below are the designs for both Men and Women (2 options for Men and 2 for Women).  We will have a sign up sheet in the gym starting Thursday with some samples,  please put your name and size on the sign up sheet.  We are going to try and have this all printed by Friday June 20th.

short proofs