SMCFers!  Please read over the following insanely important updates about what’s happening at your gym.


The CrossFit OPEN!

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gents.  Registration for the CrossFit Open has officially started!  We will have a separate post soon explaining what the heck all this hype is about.   When registering for the Open, go to  and be sure to select “South Mountain CrossFit” as your affiliate!   For our newbies, check out a history of “The Games” for some amazing inspiration:



Class Additions:

Starting next week on February 6th, we will be opening up a 4:30pm group WOD every Wednesday.  This means we’ll be offering 4:30pm classes M/W/F!

Starting next week on February 9th, we will also be adding a 10am group WOD every Saturday.  That means Oly lifting with Jake @ 8am, group WODs @ 9am and 10am!



Everyone deserves a chance to shine in the limelight!  The week of February 18th, SMCF will be hosting our very own Oscars Week events.  These include special WODs, awards, and highlights you won’t want to miss!



Pull-up Seminar:

For many CrossFitters, getting that first kipping pull-up is a momentous occasion, and one that is never forgotten. Come to our pull-up seminar on Sunday, February 24th from 12pm-1:30pm.  We will break down the mechanics of the kipping, butterfly, and chest to bar pull-ups, work on skill and strength progressions for beginner and advanced athletes, and  discuss goal setting around this staple CrossFit movement.  The seminar is free for all current SMCF members.  Drop-in fee of $15 applies for all non-members.